This conversation a week or so ago on sakeriver brought on some nostalgia for great games of the past. So I dug through some of my old CD roms, and found some goodies. I have the CD for Dark Forces, Descent II, Thief: The Dark Project, Diablo, Myth 1 & 2, Ultima VI, Wing Commander, Rogue Spear, Final Fantasy VII, and King’s Quest V.

Those of you who know games from 10-15 years ago will recognize some real gems in there. At the time I felt like playing the original Wing Commander, so I put in the CD and tried to run the install. It didn’t work! I got a “does not run on this version of windows” error. Basically, these older games need DOS to run, so anything from Windows NT and beyond won’t work. I would need Win98, Win95, or actual DOS to be able to play it. So I went to google and did some searching around. So I found that there is a good DOS emulator called DOSBox that is open-source, quite mature and well-supported, and is pretty much made for the sole purpose of enabling you to play old DOS games on today’s computers. So it has full hi-mem support, sound, and graphics. So if you have a mac or only run linux and you want to try out some classic PC games, this is definitely the way to go.