I’ve put up some more excerpts from the Shimajiro videos our daughter Karisa gets from Japan. You may remember the one I put up a few months ago featuring the toilet training song, complete with dancing poo. I hadn’t checked up on it in a few months, and it turns out some group has made a parody dub of it. It’s not too bad for ad-lib, at least it made me laugh.

So the new videos are 1) A new toilet-training video, this one dealing with the infamous Japanese style washiki toilet, aka ‘squatter’. 2) Traffic safety with the lion police. Great song on this one. 3) Correct manners in public as demonstrated by your friendly neighborhood ninja monkey. This one has a catchy song too.

I’ve often contemplated whether I should put up a translation of the songs on these videos, but I decided it’s funnier for most people when they can’t understand most of the words. Afterall kikkoman is still hilarious without even understanding Japanese.

Also, for those that understand Japanese, ペリーのお願い is an old favorite of mine. Also his piano lesson is hilarious. A quick google searched turned up Perry’s trip to Yoshinoya, which I hadn’t heard before.