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The worst of 80’s sci-fi (with some 90’s thrown in)

A few months ago on Sakeriver there was a discussion about the best SF TV series. I submitted the following which I’m reproducing here because I’m lazy: Talking about the best SF series is fun and all, but I personally … Continue reading

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People are predictably irrational in actions involving uncertainty

I ran across this page that is an outline for a lecture given by a professor of statistics at Berkeley. The title of his talk is “The top ten things that math probability says about the real world”, but he … Continue reading

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Documents revealed about Taishō Emperor

My wife pointed out a very interesting article to me this morning about the Taishō Emperor, who was the emperor of Japan from 1912 to 1926. Specifically, the Imperial Household Agency released some of the official records from his reign. … Continue reading

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