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How to (or not to) Start Your Own Martial Arts Style

I was going to just write this as a comment to my earlier post, but there was a lot I wanted to say, so I’m just writing it as a new post. I mentioned how Oyata-sensei has had a problem … Continue reading

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Posters in Rural Japan

Here are a couple of posters I thought were interesting that I took pictures of while I was in Imazu-cho in Shiga Prefecture visiting my wife’s family. This first one shows the fairly low-ranked sumo wrestler 高見盛 (Takamisakari) endorsing a … Continue reading

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Back from Japan: Observations and Ruminations

Ryoko, myself, and our baby just returned from a month in Japan, visiting her family and such. There were some days when I didn’t have much to do and just sat around, but overall I had a really good time, … Continue reading

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