April 2006

I actually ran across this word reading Robotech, believe it or not.

Götterdämmerung – German for “Twilight of the Gods”, which is itself a transliteration of the Norse word ragnarökkr (Ragnarok). Also the name of one of Wagner’s operas.

A few months ago I was able to get hold of the e-books for the novelization of the entire Robotech series. I have very fond memories of watching the series as a young child, and as a teenager I had found a few off the books at my local library and read them, even though they only had a few of them, and the ones they did have weren’t in order.

The first six books parallel the first 30 episodes of the series, aka the first robotech war. These were alright and provided lots of interesting details not found in the series. The author does a lot of interesting retconning, though. From explaining why the SDF-1 never performs another space-fold maneuver after the initial jump to Pluto, to why the fighters still bank and turn like atmospheric planes even though they are in space, all the original bad writing from the original series and the bad science is painstakingly and skillfully (taking into account the original material they had to work with, it really is a skillful undertaking…) adapted by the authors to somehow fit thier overall story and scheme. The authors could have saved themselves a lot of time if they just adhered to the 25 laws of Japanese Animation (my favorite is 4: In space, constant thrust equals constant velocity.)

The hardest thing to read has to be the romance. Really bad writing and dialogue. Here’s a famous scene where Miriya, a defeated and humiliated Zentraedi pilot, tries to kill her rival, Max:


We had some family pictures taken over the holidays, so I thought I would post one of them here. I finally got around to scanning it (I don’t have a scanner at home so I had to use one at school) and so here it is. That’s me (bearded version) on the right, my wife Ryoko on the left, and our daughter Karisa.
Family Picture