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Probably not TOO personal, just things dealing with my life and my family, etc.

Fear of Uncomfortable or Embarrassing Scenes in Books/Movies/TV, etc.

With my wife and kids in Japan, I have been spending a lot more time reading, watching movies and TV shows, etc. Although reading books is usually a personal experience, watching TV or movies is often a social experience. But … Continue reading

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Extremely Amateur Digital Recovery

Since I’m all by myself for the next few weeks with the wife and the girls in Japan, I’ve been finding projects and such to do that I normally never find the time to get around to. Today I tackled … Continue reading

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Internet Vigilantism

Cyber-bullying and such has recently come into the consciousness and lexicon of the internet-using west. Incidents like the Star Wars kid or more tragically Megan Meier have made us more aware and wary of what us and our children are … Continue reading

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Satogaeri to Imazu Part. 1

Satogaeri (里帰り) means ‘returning to your hometown’, and is used for when you go back to your hometown to visit your family. Ryoko is from a small town of Imazu on the northeast shore of Lake Biwa, about an hour … Continue reading

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Strange Meats

Last Wednesday my family and I returned to Austin from our (so far) annual trip to Japan to see Ryoko’s family. Since Ryoko’s mother passed away last year, this year is one of the important anniversaries of her death where … Continue reading

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Taiwan Trip – part 1

So, I’m going to try and get back up a bit with my blog again. Back in January I had the opportunity to go to Kenting, Taiwan for a conference/symposium called Beyond Moore’s Law. There were about 100 students from … Continue reading

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An Unfortunate Summer

This summer has been pretty eventful for me an my family, but unfortunately not in a good way. It started off pretty well, although lonely for me. Ryoko and the kids went to Japan back in mid-April for two months … Continue reading

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Message to your 12 year old self…

Over at fark a while back, there was a LONG discussion in the forums here. The subject is, “If you could go back in time and tell your 12-year old self one thing, what would it be? Difficulty, no stock … Continue reading

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Family Picture

We had some family pictures taken over the holidays, so I thought I would post one of them here. I finally got around to scanning it (I don’t have a scanner at home so I had to use one at … Continue reading

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Where’s the Baby?

Well, Monday was Ryoko’s due date. It came, it went, and…. nothing. Now it’s Wednesday Friday, and she has yet to have anything but the occasional Braxton-Hicks contractions (evidently they’re lighter contractions that are just the body ‘warming up’ for … Continue reading

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