Where’s the Baby?

Well, Monday was Ryoko’s due date. It came, it went, and…. nothing. Now it’s Wednesday Friday, and she has yet to have anything but the occasional Braxton-Hicks contractions (evidently they’re lighter contractions that are just the body ‘warming up’ for what’s to come) but they are so light she hardly notices them most of the time. We went to the midwife today to get her checked out, and she’s only dilated 1 or 2 cm. Ryoko’s getting quite impatient to get the baby out of her. Understandable, I guess. Only that the actual process of getting the baby out doesn’t seem like it will be too much fun.

On the bright side, it’s one more day Ryoko and I can spend together before our lives are irrevocably changed (ominous music) FOREVER.

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