Satogaeri (里帰り) means ‘returning to your hometown’, and is used for when you go back to your hometown to visit your family. Ryoko is from a small town of Imazu on the northeast shore of Lake Biwa, about an hour out of Kyoto by train (or about 2 hours if driving).
So, I’m stuck here without the internet. I thought that I would be able to get internet access one way another because this time around I was bringing a computer with me. It has both built-in ethernet and built-in wireless, so I was pretty sure I could get internet access by one of the following methods:
1. Going to the local library.
2. Going to the home of Ryoko’s cousin Akihiro, who lives nearby and has internet access in his home.
3. Going to a Starbucks, Internet Café, or some other similar place with wireless internet available.