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Exactly as it says.

Genetic Super Mice

Since it was on major news and aggregate sites yesterday, I can pretty much assume that all of the internet has seen yesterday’s story on the super mouse. Basically, researchers have found a way to genetically alter mice so that … Continue reading

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Almost meeting the Prime Minister… but not quite

Last month I was in Japan for two weeks, finally being reunited with my family after a 6-week seperation. This is simply because Ryoko wanted to go home for 2 months, but I of course could only get 2 weeks … Continue reading

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Interesting editorial on Yasukuni

Political commentator George Will has a very thought-provoking editorial about the political history and ramifications of Prime Minister Koizumi’s visits to the Yasukuni shrine. Will doesn’t particularly condone the visits, nor does he demonify them. This is by far one … Continue reading

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Hippies and Hibakusha

As everyone who hasn’t been living under a media blackout for the past month is aware, last Saturday was the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing. This anniversary, while being a very big deal in Japan, for obvious reasons, is … Continue reading

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