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Vampire Lameness

I read this rant over at i09 on why all vampire fiction is completely lame now. I have to agree with pretty much all of it. I find it interesting that the author never even once mentions Twilight, although she … Continue reading

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Middle-Earth RPG, continued

Alright, I have 6 interested people in playing. Five of them have made requests for a character, and the sixth I am still waiting on. There is of course the 6th character that hasn’t been requested left, but in case … Continue reading

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Middle-Earth RPG recruitment

Well, I spent a week in Utah visiting with my family. It’s the first time in a few years that all of us have been together, and it may be the last time in quite a while. However, we were … Continue reading

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Map-making with GIMP

Over the past few months, off and on I’ve been playing around with trying to make maps for role-playing games. It turns out that there is a whole web community devoted to this hobby, located at the Cartographer’s Guild. They … Continue reading

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